We have worked with a number of international TV networks and facilitated the production of filming in the UK. This covers all pre production work, sourcing locations and permissions, provision of staff (especially PM’s and PA’s), hiring local equipment, visas and budget management. Our recent clients include CBS, ActiveTV, NBC and Ridley Scott Associates

  • Amazing Race

    CBS have worked with us on four UK shows as the programme facilitator in the “Amazing Race” series. It is a complex set of logistics for a live shoot day in multiple locations. The “Amazing Race” is a thirteen-time Emmy Award-winning reality series, seen by more than 50 million viewers globally. It features teams of two travelling around the world and completing various challenges, with the winning team taking home US$1 million.

    D3 Active


We have staffed advertising shoots and major TV productions as well as countless media trips both in the UK and globally. In addition to production staff our skills lie in adventure sports, expeditions, rigging and climbing and logistics in remote and inhospitable locations.


We have worked in over 30 countries as an agency and have fixers and freelancers in many locations around the world. We will source the locations and secure the permissions, working with local authorities or foreign government offices to ensure you have all the clearance you require.

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