We follow a strict set of criteria and production values when delivering a race so that whether we are organising one of our own races or one for a client it is always adrenalin filled, sweat inducing, unpredictable, well organised and a lot of fun.

  • Red Bull Steeplechase

    Red Bull Steeplechase tests 500 runners, both physically and mentally, to race 21 miles across four knockout stages from church steeple to church steeple through the tough hills - only 40 will make it to the final steeple. D3 support Red Bull in all the logistics, permissions and infrastrucrure.

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    We aim to provide the toughest, muddiest and most enjoyable cross country race series in the country.

    This is one of the original and biggest mud runs in the UK. Its growth mirrors the current insatiable appetite for this type of gruelling running event across obstacles, through swamps, rivers and mud pits – see for more information.

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We have worked in the UK and globally to deliver and support adventure sport events for sponsorship, brand awareness, social media content, product testing and consumer promotions.

We provide full logistical and creative support including permissions; location scouting; construction; format and activities; crowd control, infrastructure, catering and branding for a range of public sporting events.

  • Red Bull Cliff Diving

    We worked with Red Bull to bring the Cliff Diving World Series to the picturesque location of the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire for two consecutive years. We were responsible for all the dive board installation (27m high), infrastructure, crowd control, safety, catering and logistics. We even managed to get a hot tub on the rocks for the divers to warm up!

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  • Red Bull Outrow 2014

    Red Bull Outrow challenges the best rowers from around Europe as they race against one another AND the powerful natural phenomenon that is the Severn Bore. D3 worked with the Red Bull Sports team to provide support to deliver safety, testing, staffing, logistics and infrastructure for this exciting event. The eight coxed fours race each other but also try to out row the Bore - any boat caught by the wave is out of the race. The winner is either the first boat across the finish line or the last boat in the race!

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    We were the primary agency working on the Land Rover G4 Challenge, delivering all creative, logistic and competition elements. We also ran a series of media recees in Mongolia giving the journalists a unique driving and lifestyle experience. Our breadth of experience in a wide range of adventure sports allowed us to pull together some of the most original adventure challenges in both remote and urban locations around the world.

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